February Mileage / March Goals

Well, let’s try this WordPress thing out, shall we?

February 2014 calendar


109.61 miles, plus a couple of little fun walk rides. That would be impressive, except it was really just three rides. Ouch.

I’d certainly planned to get in a couple more rides, but I really hit my goals in December and January, and honestly, I don’t think Dixie could’ve looked any better after 20MT.

Two weeks driving a rental (a rental that I didn’t want to have to pay an extra cleaning fee for) made it really hard to do more than hand walk/jog. The rains finally showed up and made my hilly park super-sloppy, too. I’m just too happy with her condition to push her into a slip in the mud. It’ll work out.

March is going to be getting back in the groove for both of us. I haven’t run in forever, and I think I’m almost ready to pick it back up. I’m fascinated by Mel’s posts about the science behind recovery. I’ve felt physically ok for several days, but I haven’t felt mentally recovered until today, and I’m trying to respect that.

Rides of March is on the 15th, and I’m hoping to go over and ride a friend’s horse in the 50. On the 22nd there’s a trail run in my park (5 mile/half marathon/ultra distances) and I really should go run the 5 mile distance. I’ll get Dixie out for a 15-20 mile ride in the middle of the month, do plenty of shorter fun rides, and take her over to the Nevada Derby 50 on April 5th.

8 thoughts on “February Mileage / March Goals

  1. Cool new site! Wanna migrate mine in your copious spare time? *g*

    I have plenty of time right now, obvs, but not much atten–oh hey, time for more meds? I’m there.

  2. I agree with everything you said about wordpress but glad you made the jump! I too still have a huge list of little things that need to be fixed like side bars but I dont have time to code right now :(. Lol we need a wp code party. …

    We rode our horses the same number of times! You had more miles of course. I do like these posts because its such a nice snapshot into our real lives.

  3. You must do a post about how you accomplished this move, how frustrating (or not) it was, etc. Inquiring minds want to know!

  4. I love that there will be random pics as headers! And I’m extremely jealous of your calendar – mine is not nearly so full and I cannot wait for the crappy winter weather to be over so I can ride!

  5. Happy to see you on WP for selfish reasons.

    I get to comment! For unknown reasons, blogger would kick me off when I tired to comment from open id. Tried a google ID. Got a few comments in around the web, then it stopped working. I like the new site. Great layout. I’m no WP expert, but if I can help, you got it.

    I cracked up over your calendar. “RAIN.” “Ow Ow ow ow ow ow” “Rode”
    Nothing like a well kept calendar to get a glimpse into the life of a horse person. Funny!

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