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My horse’s name is Dixie and my son’s name is Orion, and they’re the two things I write about the most. I have a husband, but he deserves to tell his own story, not be a character in mine. The cat and dog are bit players at best.

Once and future endurance rider with a hundred mile Tennessee Walking Horse. Mom. Runner. Writer. Order of importance changes daily.

Yes, I really do go by Funder in real life. It’s been a really interesting one.


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Funder- really enjoying your blog- congrats on the 100 mile finish. I went back to your post on last year’s Tahoe ride- I’m the “dedicated turtle” (love that- might get it embroidered on a jacket some day).

    Our first ride this season is Whiskeytown- hopefully we’ll see you there- you’ll recognize me- I’ll be coming in at 11 hours and 55 minutes! Happy trails, Robin

  2. I would LOVE to get your opinion on an all-women distance riding club I am forming in my community! We are focusing on 25- miles and I could really use your input! I was Googling non-sanctioned rides and that’s how I found you!


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