Progress and setbacks

First thing today, I got the bedroom ceiling finished. It looks amazing with two coats of flat white! Pro tip: Everything looks better with another coat. It’s not worth painting if you’re not going to put enough coats on. :)
Second coat

Then I went to the paint store, in the rain. Look at this! Wet stuff, falling from the sky, onto my truck! Unbelievable.
What is this wet stuff falling from the sky?

I was so excited to have paint that I went ahead and slapped a coat of wall paint on the walls!
Ceiling finished, one coat on walls

Ducked into the bathroom and painted over the mildewed semi-gloss peach paint with more beautiful white…
Master bath ceiling

… then wandered back out into the bedroom to find disaster had struck.
The old crackle glaze is apparently still active. The new tasteful paint had cracked, allowing the heinous pepto-pink to shine through. All four walls! FML! Pro tip: Next time, just replace the sheetrock.
FML, it's crackling!

I primed the walls, hoping that the magical properties of primer would override the black magic of crackle glaze. Then I headed off to the den. Rolled the ceiling a second time, then stripped the border in that room.
Wallpaper border is down

The primer crackled too, but not as badly as the paint. Tomorrow after work I’ll roll paint on the bedroom walls again and hopefully it won’t crack. I am honestly not sure what I’ll do if it does!

House tour time!

Who would like to see my awesome new crib? Yes? Ok, here we go!

Here’s what I did today. This is the master bedroom – it’s pepto pink with antique white crackle finish. Yes, really. I got the wallpaper all off today and painted the dingy gross ceiling.

(Wallpaper tip: I have tried all the products and gadgets, and the best and cheapest way to get wallpaper off without fucking up the wall underneath is with vinegar. Peel off the top vinyl layer with your girlie fingernails, then spray or brush on cheap white vinegar. When the paper is soaked, it should peel off the wall with no damage. Unless you get impatient and fed up with it and stab the wall with your putty knife – no promises there.)


I made a mess.

Then I cleaned it up!

Then I painted the indescribably gross ceiling. It’s not actually nasty-dirty, it just hasn’t been painted in probably 33 years. It really paints like the original blown-on popcorn stuff, not like a ceiling that was painted at some point.

Two gallons of Kilz 2 got one coat on the bedroom ceiling and part of the hall. The second coat tomorrow shouldn’t be as hard. I’ll cut in tomorrow – I was TIRED and hungry by the time I rolled up 2 gallons of paint.

Ok, that’s enough house stuff – on to the property!

Here’s the small run-in. This is the one I’m going to turn into a compost pile shelter.
Manure pile?

A Cersei dog.

Looking at the first area of the bigger run-in. I don’t know what it’s closed in like that for.

The other two areas of the run in. I don’t know what that fence is doing there…

Here’s the rest of the chain link fence, the chicken coop, and a Cersei-dog.

Well, this must be the back of the chicken coop…

So the other side must be the front – wait, wtf?

This is the future paddock. There’s a ton of weird junk. The neighbor’s fence is horrendous – I am going to have to put up new t-posts for the whole perimeter. Sigh.

It’s a pretty awesome place. Lots of promise, but lots of work to make it happen.


Ok, it’s not 100% final yet, but we appear to have a house. Here’s some pics of the inside of the buildings I took today.


I will get pics of the pool, hot tub, and outbuildings tomorrow. Oh my god, what a day.


Well it took a year of hard work, but I really finally feel like Dixie is my partner. She does have good sense (usually), and she does trust me, and she tries hard for me. Yay!

The last couple times I rode more than 20 miles, I felt the next day like a truck hit me. Sunday I only felt like an angry 12 year old punk on a BMX bike hit me. My calves are fine, which probably means I’m posting right and my lower legs are just chilling out around Dixie’s ribs. Everything else is a little sore – it takes so much core strength to keep riding.

In2paints mentioned Dixie’s mane – I went out yesterday and washed her nasty rats-nest mane and tail. I cant bring myself to cut her mane, but it is a royal pain in the ass. It’s so thick, and when I neglect it, it gets SO tangled. But it’s truly beautiful and it really does keep the flies away.

Her back legs were a tiny bit filled. They weren’t hot and she wasn’t off or sore. Maybe I will get some liniment for after long rides? I worry about putting ice boots on – they don’t have good circulation in their legs, and cold can be just as damaging as heat.

Her front fetlocks looked fine. She really does heal fast, and the rubs didn’t break the skin.

I ran out of that Cowboy Magic goo I’ve been using to detangle her mane, so I had to break out the evil squirt bottle of show sheen. In the past, she’s had some epic meltdowns about squirt bottles, so I was just delighted when she let me drench her tail with SS without any fuss. She got nervous when I started on her mane, so I got the treats out and we made it a clicker session. I alternated letting her choose to touch the bottle for a treat with asking her to stand still while I squirted her mane. It was a little difficult for her, so I didn’t even get her whole mane done – she was being so good, and I didn’t want to push too hard.

I rasped a little off the outside quarters of her fronts. Jim is not coming to trim her for two more weeks – that’ll work out great for Comstock, but I want to deal with the problem areas before then. Even after a bath, her feet are like rocks with wicked thick walls. I will need to work on them some more.

House – we’re trying to get the reinspection and walkthrough scheduled. Four more days til we close!!

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