Crew bags?

What’s in yours?

I don’t have anything remotely like a crew bag. It would require a crew, and I’m cavalry only right now. And my total pile of Horse Stuff is so small that I can sort through it and find anything I own pretty easily. (Once I get a trailer with a tack room – watch out!)

I think it’s the stuff you want at a vet check – hard feed, hay bag, elytes – plus maybe spare boots and ibuprofin? What else would go in one?

Oh, EvenSong – I picked up a cheap plastic bridle holder and sticky-taped it to the tack nook wall. What a good idea!

Stuck in the 90s

No riding today. Woke up at 5:30 and the wind was already HOWLING –
gusts over 50 mph, sustained of 40.

At least we’re not south of the city, where gusts are up to 100 mph.

Anyway, the power is out! And the 3g on my phone is out! I can surf
the internet on a 3″ screen at 56k or read a book by the window. What
did we do, when the weather was inclement, Before The Internet? I
really can’t remember. :(

I’m gonna read all day, I guess.

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